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Invest in Public Education

As a professional educator, my priority is educational policy.  There was a time Michigan was considered one of the best public school systems in the country.  I want to be a part of restoring Michigan to this status.  ​I believe that it is essential educational professionals are involved in the development of educational policy.  

  • Provide adequate and equitable funding to Michigan's public schools necessary to educate our children

  • Expand preschool offerings to provide all children foundation skills 

  • Develop STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) programming that prepares students for careers in 21st century workforce

  • Promote vocational career paths as essential and rewarding opportunities

  • Improve access to affordable colleges and community colleges

  • Attract, prepare, and empower bright and passionate students to become the teachers continuing the proud tradition of public education in Michigan 

  • Provide students with safe educational environments


Michigan is characterized by unique natural resources.  It is important that we preserve our environment.

  • Manage and sustain our natural resources

  • Protect our environment from the threat of invasive species

  • Clean up contaminated land and water 

Improve Infrastructure

For the tax dollars invested, Michigan citizens should have safe, reliable, and well maintained infrastructure.  Michigan’s infrastructure is aging, failing, and poorly maintained.  We depend on roads, bridges, water treatment systems, and power grid every day.  Infrastructure affects our quality of life, economy, environment.  

  • Create a statewide integrated asset management system

  • Invest in repairing and maintain our roads, bridges, water treatment systems, and power grid

  • Develop policy and sustainable funding necessary to improve and update infrastructure

Grow the Economy

As a MEA union member, union representative, and educational professional I have spent my career fighting for fair pay, standing up for workers rights, and preparing Michigan’s children for a competitive workforce.  ​I believe Michigan has a talented and skilled workforce to offer businesses and industries.  The hard-working people of Michigan shouldn’t have to struggle to support themselves.  Working 40 hours a week should allow workers to provide for their household.  

  • Prepare and retain a competitive workforce that attract businesses and industry

  • Provide opportunities to good-paying apprenticeships and employment in skilled trades

  • Cultivate a workforce with skills in programming, robotics, engineering, and technology

  • Continue to foster an atmosphere for innovative businesses and industry to flourish expand preschool

  • Empower workers and collective bargaining by repealing Right-to-Work for less legislation 

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