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Meet Lori

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Bringing More Voices to the Table

As a teacher, I have long been an advocate for my students, public education, my colleagues, and my community.  I have spoken up, taken a stand, written letters, made calls, and rallied when bad policy and budget cuts threaten.  Soon I realized these steps would only be the beginning of what is necessary to effect change.  Educational policy is being passed by our state legislature in Lansing with little consideration for educational professionals, best practices, or funding necessary to implement policies.  I have 14 distinguished years of experience teaching that I can draw on for shaping policies. Education has challenged me to utilize and develop my talents for organization, management, resourcefulness, and leadership. 

A lifelong resident, I grew up in Warren.  I graduated from Fitzgerald Public Schools as well as the Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center.  I live and work in our community.  I am well acquainted with the needs of our community.  My campaign for State Representative is about bringing voices of our community to developing legislation.  


Lori M. Stone

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

-Mahatma Gandhi

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