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Restoring trust in local government
  • Working together, collaborating, compromise, and negotiationing to find solutions

  • Increasing transparency, accountability, responsiveness, and communication

  • Gathering community input

  • Including community members in planning

  • Strategic planning for short term and long term goals

Investing in neighborhoods
  • Working with neighborhoods to identify needs

  • Connect community with resources, incorporate social services into community spaces

  • Celebrate Warren’s diversity

  • Promote affordable housing supplies to prospective homeowners

  • Partner with nonprofit organizations that refurbish and improve energy efficiencies for unoccupied homes

  • Develop mixed use housing by repurposing unutilized buildings 

  • Bolster the network of affordable and accessible childcare providers

Parks and Recreation
  • Inclusive parks for everyone children, adults, people with disabilities, dnd seniors

  • Access to clean bathrooms while visiting parks

  • Community planning for parks

  • More program offerings from Parks and Recreation

  • Utilize community centers more

  • Youth engagement for education, entertainment, and employment

  • Connecting neighbors socially utilizing parks

Economic development supporting small businesses
  • Plan projects that return federal and state tax dollars to the community

  • Apply for grant, philanthropic, and public-private partnerships

  • Partner with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation on

  • Organize trainings for residents looking to develop or grow a business

Serving Seniors
  • Support community members aging in place where they are familiar and comfortable

  • Increase connectivity and decrease social isolation

  • Offer a greater range of recreational programming

  • Working on public transit barriers 

  • Connect senior to services available to help fixed incomes go further

Climate Sustainable Solutions
  • Preserve Green Spaces, reclaim natural spaces, plant trees 

  • Build out Electric Vehicle infrastructure at government building, parks, and local businesses

  • Integrate sustainable renewable energy sources like solar and geothermal

  • Identify paved surfaces like parking lots that could be replaced with semipermeable surfaces

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